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Good Things Are Worth The Wait (100 SuJu Challenge)

Theme #57: Scales
Title: Good Things Are Worth The Wait
Pairing: Donghae/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2,362
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys (dammit).
Summary: Kyuhyun finds out that he really, really, really wants Donghae... and not just as an older brother.

For the lovely darleenk , whose writing always blows my mind (and I die willingly and happily at your hands). I hope you won’t be disappointed. =(


Kyuhyun’s always sort of hero-worshipped Donghae. Ever since he came into Super Junior, one year late, he’s been fascinated by the older man and his ceaseless energy and artless innocence and sweet nature. It seems only natural for him to follow Donghae around like a little lost puppy, clinging on to his every word, letting Donghae take care of him and watch over him and hug or kiss him. In a way, Kyuhyun thinks he’s slightly in love – in a little-boy crush sort of way.

It’s only during promotions for Super Junior-M in China that Kyuhyun realizes that he doesn’t just have a crush on Donghae – he’s completely in lust with him as well.

He finds this out when they end up sharing a room in a Chengdu hotel during one of their endless sojourns around China. Donghae takes his bath first, before Kyuhyun, and comes out with wet hair and slick wet skin and the tightest damned pair of boxers he’s ever seen. And then, as if that isn’t bad enough, he proceeds to go down on the carpeted floor right next to Kyuhyun’s bed and start doing push-ups, biceps bulging, back muscles rippling, quadriceps and calf muscles tightening in sensuously curved bumps under his skin.

Kyuhyun’s never gotten out of bed and into the bathroom so fast in his life, where he proceeds to jerk himself off with those images of Donghae seared into his mind.

From that moment on, each time Donghae so much as drapes an arm around him, he gets embarrassingly hard. And it doesn’t get any easier for him, because Donghae’s almost as touchy-feely as Siwon.

Kyuhyun, however, isn’t the type of guy to sit back and do nothing. He’s always been a go-getter, and being the magnae of the group means that he’s generally spoilt and whatever he wants, he gets. And he wants Donghae in the worst way.


Kyuhyun wishes he can grab Donghae on the spot, but it’s almost six weeks before he has the chance. He thought he’d be able to at least share rooms with him again, but Siwon suddenly seems to have latched himself to Donghae and not only do they usually end up sharing his room, they’re almost joined at the hip. Kyuhyun can’t even corner him backstage or in a bathroom without seeing Siwon somewhere around there.

Kyuhyun loves Siwon, he really does, but after six weeks of fantasizing about Donghae and with no end in sight, Kyuhyun’s ready to put Siwon out of commission forever with a well-aimed hammer to his head. Really, he knows they’re close, and he knows Siwon confides in Donghae when he’s having problems about something or other, but does Siwon really need to get in the way of his sex life at this very moment, and for six whole weeks?

Fortunately (for both Kyuhyun’s sanity and Siwon’s skull), Siwon eventually gets over whatever was bothering him and he isn’t so glued to Donghae anymore, and when they arrive in Changchun Kyuhyun is the first to volunteer to room with Donghae in the hotel.

He originally plans on waiting until Donghae’s in the middle of his shower, then walk in on him and fuck him right into the wall (Kyuhyun isn’t exactly known for patience, or subtlety), but he hasn’t counted on Donghae blowing his plan wide open by just not going in at all.

Donghae strips his t-shirt off first, and he does go into the bathroom while Kyuhyun tenses in anticipation, but all Donghae does is weigh himself on the bathroom scales and then come bouncing out, complaining about how he seems to be putting on weight. He wanders around the room a little more after that, grabbing mineral water from the minibar and making several phone calls back to his family in Korea, and Kyuhyun watches every move of his, fidgeting every so often.

Then to make things worse, he comes over and flops right on Kyuhyun’s bed, at his feet, flicking between channels on the TV and rambling nonstop to Kyuhyun about this, that and the other, and Kyuhyun gives non-committal replies while pretending to play a game on his PSP when in reality he just wants to fling the console right at Donghae’s head. A topless Donghae wriggling around on his bed in front of him is just too much, and if Kyuhyun isn’t careful he won’t be able to wait it out.

“Hyung,” Kyuhyun says, interrupting Donghae’s endless flow of words. “Aren’t you going to bathe?”

“Not yet,’ Donghae says easily, turning over on his stomach. “You can go first, Kyuhyun – oh, look, this show looks good!”

Kyuhyun wants to scream in frustration, but his eyes are drawn to Donghae’s ass, encased in those tight denims and moving temptingly on his bed and Kyuhyun feels his throat go dry. Fuck, but he wants to pound into Donghae right here and now, and to hell with his plans for the bathroom.

The moment this thought flies through his mind he’s on top of Donghae, grinding into him, his hands running feather-light down his sides and his mouth latching on the nape of his neck. He can’t help but moan slightly because the smell and taste of Donghae is literally flooding all his senses, and after a month and a half of constant fantasizing about him and now to really be able to touch him is heaven to Kyuhyun.

“Kyuhyun!” Donghae gasps, the sound coming only dimly to Kyuhyun’s ears as Kyuhyun grasps his wrists and pulls them upwards, pressing them into the bed on either side of Donghae’s head.

“Kyuhyun, what are you – let me go!” Donghae says, his voice high and panicky as he tries to struggle, but Kyuhyun’s taller and has better leverage, and it’s almost no effort at all to pin the older man down with his body as his mouth works over the sweep of straining muscles over Donghae’s shoulder blades. Donghae bucks his hips backwards, trying to push Kyuhyun off, but he only succeeds in rubbing himself against Kyuhyun’s arousal and Kyuhyun groans at the contact, the friction of his jeans and Donghae almost too much to bear.

“Hyung, stop struggling, please,” Kyuhyun hisses, and there must have been something in his voice because Donghae quiets almost immediately, his body going limp in Kyuhyun’s grip.

Kyuhyun lifts himself off Donghae, allowing him to turn over. The older man’s face is flushed and he’s breathing heavily, his eyes wide and lost and innocent, and Kyuhyun practically shivers at the thought of removing the innocence from those big brown eyes.

“Hyung…” he begins, his tongue darting out to lick his lips, and he’s gratified to see Donghae’s eyes follow it. “You trust me, don’t you?”

Donghae doesn’t speak, and Kyuhyun bends lower, so close he can feel the puffs of hot air as Donghae exhales. “Hyung, it’s me. Kyuhyun. Do you really think I would hurt you?”

Donghae blinks up at him through a curtain of long lashes, and shakes his head hesitantly.

“Don’t be so scared, then,” Kyuhyun says, placing a hand on Donghae’s chest, feeling the beating of his heart under the tanned skin. Donghae shivers slightly at the touch, but makes no move.

“I – I don’t know what you’re trying to do, Kyuhyun,” he whispers.

“Just trust me, hyung, I won’t hurt you. Will you trust me?”

“But… but what do you want me to do?”

“Nothing,” Kyuhyun says. “I’ll be doing all the work.” And with that he kisses Donghae, soft lips against soft lips, and Donghae tenses up under him. Kyuhyun prods him with a hint of tongue, Donghae parts his lips slightly after a few seconds, and when their tongues meet Donghae lets out a soft sigh and his eyes flutter close.

Kyuhyun’s hands are already shaking with need as he slides them down Donghae’s chest, marvelling inwardly at the taut muscles and the smoothness of his skin, and when his fingers brush a nipple Donghae gasps. Kyuhyun moves his mouth downwards, nibbling at Donghae’s neck, his tongue dipping into the hollow at the base, and Donghae lets out something that sounds both like a sob and a gasp when Kyuhyun reaches further downwards and undoes his jeans. His cock’s half hard already as Kyuhyun strokes it through his boxers, curling long fingers around it.

“Kyuhyun…” Donghae whimpers.

“Don’t worry, hyung,” Kyuhyun responds, his tongue tracing slow patterns across Donghae’s chest and sculpted abs as his hand works in slow, agonizing strokes, and Donghae’s fingers wind themselves in Kyuhyun’s hair as he arches his hips upwards.

When Donghae’s fully hard, a minute patch of wetness appearing at the front of his boxers, Kyuhyun slinks lower and takes him into his mouth through the material. Donghae chokes out, “Kyuhyun, oh” before he bucks, and Kyuhyun grabs his hips and holds him down firmly, his saliva soaking the thin material as he sucks hard enough for his cheeks to hollow.

Donghae’s whimpering and twisting and struggling so much that he’s literally fucking Kyuhyun’s mouth by now, despite Kyuhyun’s hold on him, and it doesn’t take long before he bites out what Kyuhyun’s been waiting to hear: “Please, Kyuhyun, please.” Kyuhyun pulls away, the cotton of the boxers following the suction of his mouth and creating additional delicious friction, and Donghae moans slightly as he tries to follow but Kyuhyun’s holding him too tightly.

“Kyuhyun, please…” Donghae begins, trembling, looking at Kyuhyun with pleading eyes. “Kyuhyun, oh God, stop teasing me already, please, please…”

“If you want,” Kyuhyun says easily, and then he’s sliding the boxers off Donghae before engulfing his hardness again, and Donghae lets loose a little whine that’s one of the most erotic noises Kyuhyun’s ever heard before he lifts a hand to his mouth and bites down on it to shut himself up. Kyuhyun reaches up and tugs it away.

“I want to hear you,” he says demandingly around Donghae’s cock, and Donghae shudders at the movements.

Kyuhyun relaxes his throat and takes Donghae all the way in slowly, his tongue flicking along the underside as Donghae moans, and it sounds even better to Kyuhyun than all the songs they’ve ever sung. He works his mouth faster, head bobbing up and down, humming deep in his throat, and it isn’t long before Donghae’s hands begin scrabbling frantically at the bedsheets as he chokes out, “Kyuhyun… I – I’m going to – “

Kyuhyun scrapes his teeth ever so gently along Donghae and that’s it. He explodes into Kyuhyun’s mouth with a shout, back arched into a graceful bow, and Kyuhyun can’t even take the full load; he pulls away after the first few spurts, wiping the dribbles that leak out of the corner of his mouth with his hand, as the rest splatter onto Donghae’s stomach.

He doesn’t wait for Donghae to recover – he’s still shivering from the aftershocks when Kyuhyun sucks on his fingers, his mouth wet with come and saliva, and coats his fingers before pushing one into Donghae, the other man wincing at the sensitivity. “Kyu, don’t… I can’t…”

“God, hyung, don’t ask me to stop, I’ve waited too fucking long,” Kyuhyun pants, his free hand undoing his own jeans, not bothering to stop to remove his t-shirt as he slips another finger inside Donghae, scissoring relentlessly, and Donghae hisses at the stretch. Kyuhyun probes deeper, ignoring his little gasps of pain, because he knows that if he can just find that spot Donghae will be okay, and – right there – Donghae thrusts his hips into Kyuhyun’s hand automatically, eyes snapping wide open, and Kyuhyun begins rubbing that spot incessantly, enjoying Donghae’s hoarse groans and labored breathing as he begins to harden again.

Donghae’s a shaking mess of jelly within a couple of minutes, and he’s pleading with Kyuhyun, but despite his earlier impatience Kyuhyun finds the sight of Donghae slick with sweat, lips parted and legs spread wantonly, hands holding tight onto Kyuhyun’s wrist as he unashamedly fucks himself on his fingers much too enjoyable, and he’s torn between doing this for eternity or just fucking him into next year.

Donghae’s practically sobbing as he begs, “Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun, oh my God please, I can’t anymore…” and Kyuhyun merely flicks his fingers, making Donghae jerk and scream.

“What do you want, hyung?” Kyuhyun asks, much more calmly than he feels, pulling his fingers out of Donghae abruptly. His own cock is throbbing with need by now.

“Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun, please…”


Donghae stares up at him, desperate tears trickling down his cheeks, and bites out, “Fuck me, Kyuhyun, now, now goddamn you – “

Before Donghae finishes Kyuhyun throws his legs over his shoulders and drives himself into Donghae like a battering ram, and Donghae clenches down around him as he screams, “Fuck, yes, Kyuhyun!” before his words melt into an incomprehensible mix of screams and sighs and moans. Kyuhyun grips onto Donghae’s thighs, reciting the damned alphabet in his head to keep from coming at the combined sight and sound and feel of Donghae, his fingers sinking into the flesh and leaving marks that will turn brilliant purple in the morning.

Donghae is crying with sheer pleasure, clear tears leaking from the corners of his eyes, squeezed tightly closed, as he pushes himself back against Kyuhyun with every thrust, and Kyuhyun rasps, “Fuck, hyung, you’re such a good fuck” as he reaches down and pulls at Donghae’s dripping erection. Once, twice, and Donghae erupts with a scream of “Kyuhyun!”, white fluid streaking Kyuhyun’s fingers, before Kyuhyun loses himself and comes coating Donghae’s insides, tight and pulsating and hot with his orgasm.

He collapses, panting, on top of Donghae, feeling himself slide wetly out of him, but he’s too spent to even move. The room is silent save for the sounds of panting, until Donghae finally, tiredly pushes Kyuhyun off him, and he rolls to the side.

Kyuhyun’s too tired to open his eyes, but he feels Donghae dragging blankets over them before curling into Kyuhyun’s side, and Kyuhyun turns over blindly, his arms going around Donghae easily.

“That was worth the wait,” he says huskily, and Donghae gives a drowsy chuckle.

“Good things always are,” he answers.


Tags: !fanfiction, 100 suju challenge, pairing: donghae/kyuhyun
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