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Needs And Wants

Title: Needs And Wants
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1,833
Summary: Yesung really, really likes Ryeowook dressed up as a girl. Inspired by Ryeowook in Chu, and by this picture.
WARNINGS: Crossdressing, rimming

A/N: For remixied, taengoo, kayevelyn, oppaaarrr, and all those people who have been bugging me for crossdressing porn, you know who you are. >_> Don't blame me if this blows. And god you guys, I'm supposed to be writing my angsty YeWook today, dammit!


Yesung doesn't think he's ever gotten hard so quickly in his life, standing backstage watching Ryeowook sway and pop his hips to Chu, the softly curling wig dancing over his shoulders, and Yesung can feel his pants getting tighter with every toss of Ryeowook's head. He's certain Ryeowook knows what he's doing, knows that Yesung's watching, because he's getting more and more uninhibited with each performance, and damned if Yesung's going to let his hard-on go to waste, middle of a concert or not.

So when the Chu performance ends and everyone troops backstage, still laughing and panting, Yesung wastes no time in grabbing Ryeowook, tugging him away from a shocked Shindong, and flinging him into the nearest empty dressing room before locking the door behind them. They have at least 40 minutes before they're due back on stage, after all.

He doesn't even speak, doesn't need to. He simply grabs Ryeowook by the collar of his oversized jersey and pushes him against the wall mirror, pressing their lips together messily as he licks Ryeowook's mouth open, the hair of the wig falling into his face and tickling his cheeks. It excites him more, makes him take hold of one of Ryeowook's hands and press it against his cock, straining against the material of his jeans.

"Look what you've done to me," he whispers breathily into Ryeowook's mouth. "Look how hard you've got me, Ryeowook."

Ryeowook smiles through their kiss, fingers already working at the zipper of Yesung's jeans, and Yesung knows for certain that yes, Ryeowook's been doing all this on purpose. Not that he minds, though, when Ryeowook's pulling his jeans and briefs off, sinking to his knees as he slides the material down, until Yesung can feel his hot breath on his cock and it makes him groan.

"Come on," he says, staring down at Ryeowook, jersey falling off one shoulder and curls tumbling about his face. "Baby, I need you now."

Ryeowook laughs up at him, cheeks pink with blusher and lips slick with gloss. "Someone's impatient, aren't they." He wraps a delicate hand around the base of Yesung's cock, squeezing slightly, tongue darting out to lick at the head, and Yesung groans louder, staring into the mirror and how Ryeowook's pushing his ass out just so.

"You're a fucking tease," he says through his teeth, and Ryeowook looks up at him, tucks his hair behind his ears before leaning forward and rubbing his cheek along Yesung's cock, and Yesung thinks he's going to faint if Ryeowook doesn't put his mouth over it where it belongs.

"Fuck," he bites out, and then he's grabbing Ryeowook by his hair, curls scrunched up messily in his fists, before he presses the tip of his cock against Ryeowook's lips.

"Open up," he orders, and Ryeowook does so without hesitation, taking Yesung's cock in like he's hurting for it, pretty pink lips wrapped tight and hot around it and his tongue curling around it, sending electric sparks down Yesung's spine.

"Yeah, that's it," he says huskily. "Take it all in, Ryeowook." He pushes his hips forward, hard, until his cock bumps against the back of Ryeowook's throat and sends him gagging and choking, tears welling up in his mascara-ed eyes. He doesn't let up, because he knows Ryeowook can take it, and sure enough Ryeowook's already loosening his throat, scrambling forward on his knees, hands on Yesung's hips and pushing him further into his mouth, spit running in messy trails down his chin.

"Oh, fuck yes," Yesung whispers, hands still tangled in Ryeowook's wig as he begins thrusting, slowly, in and out of Ryeowook's mouth, not giving him time to breathe but not caring anyway, because Ryeowook's sucking him like a fucking vacuum, mouth wet and tight and perfect. "God, you're gorgeous like this, Ryeowook. I almost want to stop doing this and just fuck you right now, against this mirror, so you can see how you look when you're begging for my cock. Do you want that, Ryeowook?"

Ryeowook nods frantically, lips still sealed tight around Yesung's cock, and Yesung lets go of his hair to grip his chin, holds his head still, fucks his mouth slowly and steadily.

"Touch yourself for me, baby," he orders. "Get yourself nice and prepped."

He smiles, staring at the mirror, as Ryeowook's hands fumble at his tight skinny jeans, and Yesung watches Ryeowook push them and his boxers down until they pool at his knees. He wastes no time in getting a hand around his cock, pumping in slow strokes, matching the way Yesung's fucking his mouth, and with his other hand he pushes his jersey up, bunching it under his arms, exposing himself to Yesung, all pale perfect skin and gorgeous pert ass that Yesung can just imagine squeezing around his cock.

Ryeowook fumbles for lube in the pocket of Yesung's discarded jeans, fishing out a tiny bottle, and he stops pumping himself long enough to squeeze the cold gel over his fingers. Yesung almost forgets to breathe, watching through the mirror, as Ryeowook spreads his thighs apart, places slick fingers at his entrance, pushing in with a gasp around Yesung's cock. It's hard for him, though, his jeans around his knees restricting him from spreading his thighs wide enough, and after some wriggling about he pauses and looks up at Yesung pleadingly, and Yesung understands, releases his hold on him, so he can pull off him and stand up quickly enough to kick his jeans off completely.

Before he can drop to his knees again, Yesung grabs hold of him and spins him around, pressing his face against the mirror, and Ryeowook struggles slightly, turning over his shoulder to stare at Yesung, licking his lips, wet with precome and saliva. "Hyung?" he asks, hair falling into his face.

"I'll do it," Yesung says, taking the lube from Ryeowook, coating his fingers liberally with it. 'I'm going to pass out, Ryeowook, if you make me wait any longer."

Ryeowook laughs, splaying his hands out against the mirror for support. "Quick, then." He pushes his ass out, wiggling slightly, and it isn't long before Yesung has three fingers inside Ryeowook, pressed deep in to the knuckles, twisting in just that way that he knows will make Ryeowook moan, loud and needy. "Fuck, hyung," Ryeowook gasps, as Yesung places one hand on his ass and squeezes, spreading the fingers inside him. "Hyung, quick, fuck me now."

Yesung, however, has a better idea, prompted by the way Ryeowook looks, loose and easy against the mirror, panting and flushed with the damp curls of the wig sticking to his cheekbones and his pretty little ass grinding against his hand and swallowing his fingers, tight and rough.

"Spread your legs wider, baby," he orders softly, dropping to his knees behind Ryeowook, and Ryeowook looks over quizzically at him, but does as he says, moaning a little as Yesung fans his fingers open and presses wet kisses to the backs of his thighs.

Ryeowook jerks, however, when he feels the first wet press of Yesung's tongue against his entrance, spread open by his fingers, and tosses his head back. "Hyung! Jongwoon, what - "

Yesung plunges his tongue right in, licks at his fingers inside Ryeowook, licks at him, and Ryeowook cries out loud, hips jerking against the hand Yesung has pressed against the small of his back to hold him down. Yesung pulls back, swirls his tongue teasingly around his entrance, twists his fingers, and dips back in, pressing his tongue into Ryeowook, slick and wet. He crooks his fingers, spreads Ryeowook wide open, until Ryeowook's almost sobbing, nails digging into the mirror and hips moving with a life of their own, pressing back against Yesung's tongue and hands and falling apart under the way Yesung's licking at him.

"Please," Ryeowook sobs, clutching at the smooth surface of the mirror, hands slipping on it. "Please, hyung, I can't - "

"You can," Yesung says throatily against his entrance, and Ryeowook moans, tears running down his cheeks, as he looks over his shoulder and watches Yesung pull his fingers out of him to hold him apart, spread his cheeks, and lick slow trails down the cleft of his backside and back up. He pushes his tongue back into him, listening to him cry out as he slides his fingers back inside him, wet and sticky with lube and saliva, tongue twisting against fingers and fingers wriggling inside him until Ryeowook doesn't even know which is which, reduced to a needy mess against that mirror.

"Hyung," he begs, pleads. "God, hyung, stop teasing, I need you inside me now, please - "

And then Yesung's suddenly on his feet, fingers filthy against the skin of his hips as he grips, and pulls Ryeowook onto his cock so fast that Ryeowook has barely enough time to let out a choked gasp at the feel of Yesung finally, finally filling him up like he needs and wants it, huge and hot and stretching him wide. Yesung laughs breathlessly, head spinning with how tight Ryeowook is, how he's rough and squeezing around Yesung, and he slams fully into him, pushing him right up against the mirror before grabbing a fistful of his hair and pulling him upwards.

"Look," he orders, watching as Ryeowook's eyes flutter open, face wet with sweat and tears and make-up streaking. "Look at yourself, Ryeowook. I told you you'd be gorgeous, begging for me, aren't you?"

"Yes," Ryeowook gasps, arching his back, pushing his ass back against Yesung, grinding around his cock as he reaches down and begins jerking himself off again, pumping hard and quick. "Yes, hyung, fuck me, fuck me now so I can see it, see myself spread nice and open for you until you just come all over me - "

And Yesung loses it, slams back into Ryeowook so hard that he bangs against the mirror, and he keeps him there, hands tangled in the wig as he pounds into Ryeowook over and over, until Ryeowook cries out, body shuddering, and comes with a breathy gasp of "Jongwoon!", streaks of come splattering on the mirror and across his knuckles.

Ryeowook's still shivering and pumping himself through the aftershocks when Yesung pulls abruptly out of him and spins him around, forcing him to his knees, and finishes on his face, come landing on his delicate cheekbones, dribbling down his neck and messy in his wig, as he opens his mouth and catches the last few spurts, licking it off his lips with relish.

When it's over and Yesung falls to his knees as well next to Ryeowook, kissing him lazily and leisurely with all their earlier urgency gone, tasting the bitter salt of his own come in Ryeowook's mouth, he decides that perhaps this performance needs to go on as many times as possible. And well, once Super Show ends its run, he can always buy a couple of cute dresses for Ryeowook to dress up in.

Tags: !fanfiction, pairing: yesung/ryeowook, yewook beg for rough!kinky!sex
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