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3 Drabbles

Have 3 drabbles I wrote for the 15-minute challenges in kpopficwangst 9.0, which will probably go down in meme legend, seriously. Go here to see all the drabbles for all challenges, archived by fandom and pairing, and there are a LOT of amazing ones. Thank you to the archiving!anon, whoever you are, for you hard work in archiving these, and to everyeveryday for giving me the link!

Theme #50: Lost
Title: Running High
Pairing: Heechul/Kyuhyun
Rating: R
Word count: 283
Summary: Based on the prompt "I started using speed for his attention and affection. All I got was addicted."
WARNING: Drug abuse
A/N: Decided to use this for the 100 challenge too, because I am just lazy that way, ROFL.

It's the biggest rush Kyuhyun's ever had, bigger even than when he finds himself locked in a tiny bathroom with Heechul that evening, both of them hunched over the covered bowl on which Heechul is frantically chopping up small white rocky chunks with his credit card, hands shaking and sweaty with need.

"Fuck," Heechul swears when his hand slips and sweeps a fine dusting of white powder on to the grimy floor of the club bathroom. "Fuck, Kyuhyun, get that." He's slurring, thoughts no longer making sense and speech almost incoherent with how much he's shaking, how lost he is in his need.

"I can't," Kyuhyun responds. Heechul looks up at him, pupils mere pinpricks in his eyes and a sheen of sweat on his pretty face, and Kyuhyun reaches out, puts a steadier hand on Heechul's, guides him into sweeping whatever's left over into thin white lines.

"Here," Kyuhyun says smoothly, rolling up a crisp won note and placing it at the tip of one of the lines. "Come on, hyung." He beckons with his free hand, and as if hypnotised Heechul leans forward, fits his nose over the little funnel Kyuhyun's made with the note, and inhales as hard as he can until his eyes are rolling up into the back of his head and his knuckles are white with how tightly he's gripping the toilet bowl.

So when Kyuhyun finally finds himself pressed against the cubicle wall by Heechul, who’s panting, eyes bright and dilated, edges of his nose rimmed in red from the snorting, he just smiles as he drags his teeth over Heechul's jaw, feeling the rush from having this much power and control over a human being.

Title: Mistakes happen (so let's just do it again)
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 535
Summary: Based on the prompt "Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once." Also inspired by this video of Ryeowook doing Gee.

When Jongwoon sees her for the first time, at Jungsu’s newly-opened café, he does a double-take. She's quite possibly the cutest thing he's ever seen, all sparkling eyes and a winsome smile that highlights prominent cheekbones, and with her hair caught into two ponytails she looks all of 16.

"Hey, who's she?" he asks, leaning over the counter and nudging Jungsu, who spares the girl no more than a quick frazzled glance before he's back to screaming at Donghae to work faster, clean up his mess, and can he please not drop the glasses?

"Jungsu," Jongwoon repeats, loudly, and Jungsu tosses him a don't you dare get up to any shenanigans in my café look.

"I don’t know," he says, harassed. "Never seen her before. New customer, probably."

"She's cute," Jongwoon muses.

"She's possibly also young enough to land you in jail if you touch her," Jungsu says, but Jongwoon only smirks and slides off his stool, slipping into the booth next to the girl and watching as her fingers, delicate and thin, swirl distractedly around the rim of her glass of iced tea.

"Waiting for someone?" Jongwoon asks with as much charisma as he can muster, and the girl jumps, looks up at him, and flushes an incredibly appealing pink before she bites her equally pink lip and shakes her head.

"Maybe I can keep you company then," he says, turning more towards her and making sure his knee's nudging her thigh, which, from the glimpse he can catch from under the table, is a very pretty thigh indeed, shown off by a short skirt and knee socks. "What’s your name, cutie? I'm Jongwoon."

The girl looks up at him again and shakes her head once more, and Jongwoon moves in even closer to her, crowding her, and he's pleased to see her start to tremble and her hands clench and unclench into tight nervous fists.

"Come on," he coaxes. "Talk to me."

The girl flicks her eyes at him, and then says hesitantly, in a surprisingly low voice, "I'm sorry but – I'm not a girl. Please, I was made to do this for a dare. Please don't bother me, sir."

Jongwoon's mind spins for a moment as he absorbs the girl's – no, the boy's - words. He can hardly believe it, but close up, he sees the little things – a jaw that's a tad too strong for a girl, a hint of an adam's apple – and he wonders how he didn't see it beforehand.

But just then the boy raises a hand to his ponytail and tugs at it self-consciously, and with that one movement Jongwoon decides that his one mistake isn't worth leaving this boy alone. Besides, he's as cute as a boy as he was being a girl.

"I don't mind," he says, grin splitting his face wide, and this time the boy stops fidgeting and looks at him from behind mascara-ed lashes, demeanour suddenly more coquettish than shy.

"In that case, I'm Ryeowook," he says, fingers dropping to his lap and pulling at his skirt, stroking over the smooth skin of his thighs, and Jongwoon grins even more.

This is going to be a good day.

Title: Paradisiacal
Pairing: Jonghyun/Key (SHINee)
Rating: R
Word count: 545
Summary: Based on the prompt "I had gay sex at church camp. 3 times."
A/N: My first time writing SHINee. I honestly have no idea what compelled me to do it, but I just felt like it. And it helps that I like both Jonghyun and Key. Concrit would be nice, since I know next to nothing about this pair! =D

The first time it happened, Jonghyun was seated at the mess table, head bowed in the middle of saying grace, when he felt a warm pressure on his thigh, and looked up just enough to see Kibum shooting a look at him from under lowered lashes. The look plainly said shut up if you don't want problems, and so Jonghyun, used to Kibum's random quirks, closed his eyes again and groped for Kibum's hand on his leg, thinking that it was all Kibum wanted, to hold on to someone while praying.

Kibum, however, moved his hand away before Jonghyun got hold of it - moved his hand up, alarmingly high. And up; and up. And before Jonghyun knew it, there were fingers fiddling at his zipper and the heel of Kibum's hand was pressing firmly against his dick and he was too shocked to do anything but snap his eyes wide open and stare at his church camp bunkmate.

Kibum only smiled at him, devious and wicked, and mouthed, Shhh, before his hand was – oh God – in his pants and his fingers were around his cock and he was stroking Jonghyun to life, under the table in the middle of grace, people surrounding them, heads bowed and eyes closed in silent prayer.

Jonghyun came just as the pastor stopped speaking, and Kibum discreetly wiped his hand on a napkin before eating like nothing had happened.


The second time it happened was in the showers.

With so many wet, naked boys sharing the communal showers day in and day out, Jonghyun was never sure why Kibum fixated on him. But fixate on him he did, following him into the bathroom a few days after the ‘incident’ at the mess hall, and pushed him against the wall of the only cubicle with its own door before sinking to his knees and taking him in his mouth. And outside their campmates bantered and laughed and chased each other around, throwing soap and doing all the normal things normal boys do.

Jonghyun wasn't too aware of them, though, nor did he really much care that what Kibum and he were doing was certainly not what most normal boys did. Not when Kibum's hands and tongue were working on him in that way, and he came with a barely stifled gasp, biting into the back of his hand.


The third time it happened, Kibum invited himself into Jonghyun's adjoining bunk bed. It wasn't like Jonghyun hadn't expected it - days of teasing touches and pointed glances had not only prepared him, but made him anticipate it - but he was still surprised to be woken up in the dead of night by Kibum on top of him, rolling his hips against him, whispering his name into his ear.

He fucked Kibum right there, on the tiny single bed, Kibum's legs thrown over his shoulders as he bit into Jonghyun's pillow to muffle his moans, but Jonghyun still heard every soft gasp, every hiss and choked plea, more than he heard the cacophony of their campmates snoring around them.

When he finally came, releasing himself into Kibum's tight hotness, Jonghyun swore he was in heaven - a better one than any church camp could bring him to.

Tags: !drabbles, !fanfiction, 100 suju challenge, pairing: heechul/kyuhyun, pairing: jonghyun/key, pairing: yesung/ryeowook
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