April 19th, 2011

YeWook - pouty

i fucking hate plagiarists

i am so fucking SICK of plagiarism. my fics have just been plagiarised for the FOURTH time i've come across since i started writing.

i left comments on this person when i discovered that she'd not only been posting my fics and passing them off as her own, she also stole one of hotarumyst 's. she worked fast, though - she's deleted the fics she plagiarised (joahamnida ) but i have screencaps.

i'm going to post them anyway even though she's deleted, because 1) these people never really leave, they come back under different names and steal more and everyone needs to be wary and look out, and 2) there were people who actually BELIEVED her when she said she wrote them and replied to comments as such.

this one is my fic, first posted here: http://thundersquall.livejournal.com/9479.html

this was first posted here: http://community.livejournal.com/paperbrushes/2359.html#cutid1

and this was posted here: http://community.livejournal.com/paperbrushes/2359.html#cutid4

my friends' comments before she deleted

my comments.

she also plagiarised one of hotarumyst 's fics, but i wasn't able to screencap it before she deleted it. i've also reported her to miracle mods and will do so soon to kyuwook mods, since she posts there sometimes.

this girl is 21 years old. TWENTY ONE FUCKING YEARS OLD and going around stealing people's work to pass off as her own. and then when she's found out, she doesn't even have the balls to admit she was wrong and apologise to the people she stole from.

the last person who plagiarised from me put my stuff on sj-world and then cooked up an elaborate scheme of lies pretending it was her cousin who did it. that girl was 19 or 20, and studying in a good university in london.

what i don't understand from these people is, WHY. why would you want to steal someone else's work and pass it off as your own? everything i write, everything anyone writes, takes an enormous effort. it's just spitting in someone's face if you take what they spent hours and hours on, and take credit for it. what is even the point?

i know black_goose and umberela have been plagiarised before too, and i myself have been FOUR times. plagiarism isn't limited to just complete copying and pasting like this girl did, it also includes ideas, lines, blocks of dialogue - just because i don't say anything doesn't mean you can push the border. (you know who you are, if you see this.) my point is, it's insidious, it's everywhere, it's happening all the time. those of you who write or draw, just be vigilant and look out for lowlifes like these.

i repeat what i said in my comment to her: i have zero respect for plagiarists. none at all. you have to be a certain low level of pathetic to even want to do something like this.

She has publicly put up an apology on her LJ and also PM-ed me, which at least makes her marginally better than the last person who lied and schemed when found out. However the usual thing still stands i.e. DON'T do this stuff in the first place, then none of this would be happening! I'm drawing a line under this for now, but leaving this up because people need to know and be careful >:(